Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fires on La Gomera still active

While the weather has cooled down considerably, the fires in the forest will not be brought under control today. Morocco sent two planes yesterday to help the extinction efforts,
but last night a new forest fire broke out on neighbouring Tenerife and three of the
seven hydro-planes working here were sent over there by the authorities. 
The fires in the national park here have at least slowed down a bit and the prognosis is
'cautiously optimistic'.
The picture here in Valle Gran Rey is sad, but with a slow return to partial normality.
Supplies are coming in, but the vital 'supply' of tourists has almost stopped.
About 40 houses burnt down, most of them completely, but luckily there was no loss of life. Most livestock was lost however and the disposal of the dead animals is now a priority. Electricity, phone and water connections are being restored in the upper valley, where people have been allowed back to their homes.

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