Friday, August 10, 2012

I had barely finished my first post reporting the end of the fires here, when I heard and then saw a helicopter of the emergency services fly past and I was left with a bad feeling.
This was confirmed through a local news service which reported a while ago that undiscvovered, still-glowing embers from last weekend's fires had re-ignited in two locations in the forest of the National Park. This was due to the temperature and wind,
which both rose significantly again today. Firefighters from here and from Gran Canaria
are on the scene and together with two helicopters are trying to prevent the fires from
spreading. The two locations are close to the highest points of the forest and this alone
makes the situation very dangerous. Add to that the elevated temperature and the strong
winds... Let's hope and pray it can be brought under control rapidly !
I will follow events and post any news here.

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