Sunday, September 02, 2012

3000 march in protest in San Sebastian, La Gomera

Considering the island's population of only 22000 and the fact that many couldn't come due work and other commitments, this was a massive turnout. Yesterday's demonstration
was probably the largest the island has ever seen.
Ashes from burnt down houses, burnt twigs from the forest and many banners were deposited at the entrance of the island's government building. 
The main question, why the 'cabildo' (the island government) declared the fires 'under control' (when they clearly weren't) in the face of official warnings of an extreme heat wave and very strong dry winds, remains unanswered. The consequently resulting devastating secondary fires then spread quickly when the hydro-planes had already been sent back to mainland Spain. The island's president had apparently gone on holidays in the middle of this crisis...
A video of the demonstration here:

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