Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ridley Scott to film in Canary Islands

Ridley Scott spotted
in the Canary Islands
Photo:The Canary News 
Film director and producer Ridley Scott, whose extensive work includes films like 'Alien',  ‘Blade Runner’,, ‘Gladiator’, ‘Hannibal’, ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘Thelma And Louise’,came to in the Canary Islands recently with several members of his crew to scout for film locations that could be used in his future projects.
The Oscar winning director remained tight-lipped about his plans, but revealed that he is looking for wild landscapes with tall mountains and deserts in their natural state for a ''great movie'', and that he found several suitable locations. There are rumours that Scott's new project will be 'Exodus', the biblical story of Moses leading his people through the wilderness.
If this project would indeed be filmed here in the Canary Islands, it would make it the second such large-scale film production after the announcement that Ron Howard is to begin shooting 'In The Heart Of The Sea' here on La Gomera this autumn (see: La Gomera a location for Ron Howard's new film 'In...)
It has transpired that Ridley Scott will be shooting his new film in Spain, with about 60% of the production being done in the region of Almeria, with further locations in the Seville area, and some 5 weeks of preliminary work plus 3-4 weeks of filming will also be done in the Canary Islands in one ore more locations yet to be confirmed. Casting is to take place in Madrid and the production company is said to be looking for extras and tradesmen in Almeria already. 
Second film shooting in Canary Islands

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