Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fire 'controlled'. Pyromaniacs still at large. Appeal

The fire that started on Thursday afternoon (see HERE) is almost out and officially declared 'controlled',but a smaller brigade of firefighters will have to keep watch to deal with any remaining danger and continue hosing down the area with water to cool the ground and embers.
Meanwhile a new picture of another incendiary device found near this fire has emerged. The device which thankfully failed to ignite fully, was made up of a fuse of highly flammable material, plastics, dry leaves and newspaper. The newspaper page on top is partially readable and contains an article about the disastrous fire in August last year (2012) under the pre-header ''Environmental catastrophe on La Gomera'' and the headline starts with the words ''A Fire with...''
This was intended to be used to start another fire ! Very sick indeed !
Image (c)
The pyromaniacs haven't been apprehended yet but police now say that they're hot on their heels and forensic examination of the found devices will provide further clues and evidence.
The authorities are again asking everyone to be extremely cautious and aware of the fire danger. They are also asking for vigilance and want any suspicious activity or material encountered to be reported immediately by phoning 112 (ask for an English speaking operator).
A fire alert remains in place for all of the Canary Islands.
Another incendiary device found (c)
UPDATE Monday, Aug.19th 2013:
The fire has been officially declared totally extinguished as of late this afternoon.
All previously closed walks and forest areas have been reopened, but open fires and barbecues are still prohibited. Please remain vigilant.

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