Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spectacular video of landslides after El Hierro quake

I came across a new video on YouTube of some of the widespread massive landslides after Friday's 5.1 El Hierro island earthquake. Several stretches of minor roads to remote areas in the west of the island remain blocked (see photo below video).
Experts remain divided on whether a new magma intrusion is taking place west of El Hierro, but further deformation and elevation of the island at some GPS stations has been observed. Earthquake activity remained very low overnight until this morning and there were no alerts issued.
UPDATE Dec. 30th, 2013: 
Only two minor shocks in the past 24 hours, but deformation at some GPS stations shows a further increase, with some parts of the island now elevated by 20 centimetres (8 inches) when compared to values before seismic activity began on El Hierro in July 2011.
UPDATE Jan. 3rd, 2014:
Hardly any earthquake activity since last update. Deformation, while remaining high, shows some stabilisation and even a minor decrease at a few stations.

Official of the El Hierro government assesses the damage standing on the left margin of a road. © canariasahora

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